36b Carlton Street Nottingham NG11NN

Believe it or not, this is probably Nottingham's coolest bar, hidden away behind a glum, anonymous exterior (by choice rather than accident), and occupying a large, dimly-lit space with boho decor and vintage sofas. It's a cocktail bar, and although you can order a bottle of beer or cider, wine or champagne, the real treat is the cocktails, and you’ll be issued with a menu as soon as you are settled. Choose from  such delights as 'Mississippi Malt Shake'  (honey, banana and chocolate liqueur. malt extract and almond milk), 'The Not-Quite Right White Russian' (Araku rum, espresso, maple syrup and almond milk) , or the  'Cinema Paradiso' ('disaronno, cinema sweet popcorn, cranberry juice, lemon juice and ginger tea'): all deliciously creative, more-ish and not over-priced. Attracts a late twenties to early forties clientele, plus a few baffled students.

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