Ice Nine

9-13 Goose Gate Nottingham NG1 1FE

Opened in 1970, when Woodstock was still fresh in the mind, Ice Nine was Nottingham’s main gift to the hippy counter culture of the time, and, rather remarkably, it has survived  in fine fettle and managed to keep the faith (well, a sort of faith). Today’s incarnation holds two floors crammed and jammed with all manner of inexpensive trinkets and baubles, from necklaces to earrings, clothing, fancy boxes and Buddha figurines. Downstairs is mostly given over to smoking paraphernalia and yet more bright and glittery bits and pieces. There is some really inventive stuff here, not least the decorated skulls à la Damien Hirst (though rather less expensive!). Well worth a look, even if you think Woodstock is just a place in Oxfordshire.

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