Castle Museum

Eye of York York YO1 9RY

Victorian collector, Dr John Kirk, amassed a vast collection of everyday and household objects reflecting Yorkshire’s tradition and heritage. His collection formed the basis of the Castle Museum when it first opened in 1930, in the city's old Female Prison, and many of the items are still on display today in the museum’s reconstructed rooms, streets, shops and a spooky cell or two. Notorious highwayman Dick Turpin spent his last night banged up in the building in 1739, before being hanged in York. The 'Kirkgate' display is the oldest recreated street in any museum in the UK, complete with horse and carriage, sweetshop and pub. And the rest of the museum is a vivid journey through time, from Edwardian teashops to the hippy Sixties –  guaranteed to spark off a hefty dose of nostalgia among visitors. 2014 also sees a new exhibition (1914: When the World Changed Forever), which is the first display in the museum's new temporary exhibition gallery.

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