Ye Olde Naked Man Café

Market Place Settle North Yorkshire BD24 9ED

Generations of families have driven through Settle and been forced to stop by children shouting "Mum, mum! there's a café called the Naked Man!" Well yes, indeed there is, and – if only to stop the commotion in the back seat – you're almost duty bound to stop and investigate. The nude-related excitement, sadly, pretty much stops at the door – one school of thought is that the seventeenth-century building was once an undertakers, giving rise to the idea that you come into the world naked and leave it the same way. Beyond that, what you have is a perfectly decent town-centre café, serving up a no-nonsense menu of soup, sandwiches, baguettes, toasties, filled baked potatoes and Yorkshire puds. No surprises, in the end, save the name, but always worth a stop if you've time to spare in Settle.

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