The Pieminister Pie Shop

24 Stokes Croft, Bristol BS1 3PR

Pieminister pies have been a Bristol institution since this place opened in 2003. You can buy them all over town, in St Nick’s Market, various delicatessens and in selected pubs, as well as in London’s top foodie markets and at an array of festivals (and they’re even creeping into some of the major supermarkets), but the best way to eat them is here, in the original small and beautiful Stokes Croft café, where individual pies are served with mash, gravy and minted mushy peas on an enamel plate or in a lovely cardboard box to takeaway. Classics include the Minty Lamb Pie, the goats’ cheese-filled Heidi Pie or one of their 'lighter pies' for the health concious of you out there. Pie Heaven.

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