The Banksy Trail

Various locations, including Park Street, Bristol

This is an unofficial site, in that you need to find a map and do it yourself, but that’s part of the fun. Bristol’s leading graffiti exponent of the 1980s was Banksy (alongside Inkie, responsible for the Nelson Street See No Evil project) and although he doesn’t live here any more, he’s left a trace nearly everywhere. In the centre, head up Park Street and look to the right as you cross the bridge at the bottom to see a naked man hanging out of a window. That’s a Banksy. Up at the top of the street, Bristol Museum and Art Gallery was taken over by Banksy in 2009 and some of his works are still there. Other great pieces of Banksy street art are the Mild Mild West image on Stokes Croft – ironically really close to the Tesco’s that was the site of a riot in 2011 – and various locations in Easton. Download a map from the website and see what you can find.

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