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19 Chichester Street Belfast BT1 4JB

Boojum Burrito Bar does what it says on the tin... Its city centre location and speed of service make it immensely popular with the weekday office crowd as well as time-pushed shoppers.  The decor is stark, with canteen-style long tables and high stools (no table service) where customers can chow down on their burrito if it's raining outside or they simply can't wait to get stuck in.  If sitting in, customers can also wash their burrito down with a speciality Mexican beer. The queue often winds its way out the door and down the street as salivating burrito-lovers make their way to the counter to place their order - the choice of fillings are laid out before them as the Boojum team assemble the chosen ingredients at break neck speed. Decide quickly if you'd like a burrito, fajita or taco then the filling (shredded pork is a favourite), add some cheese, sour cream and salsa to finish (choose from mild and smokey to firey hot) and devour...  The result is both tasty and hearty.  Fair prices, friendly staff, speedy service and great food make it the ideal lunchtime treat. 

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