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Laynes Espresso

16 New Station Street Leeds LS1

Seattle? Portland? Er, no, around the side of Leeds station actually, but this drop-in java stop is easily the equal of any new-wave west-coast-USA coffee shop. Serious beans are turned into serious brews by studious baristas who have the whole coffee-is-my-world schtick down pat. It's a pretty tiny space, but no less welcoming for all that, with its warm brick walls and high chairs ranged along the picture window. Everything is just-so, from coffee any way you like it to food that's pitched just right – organic porridge and museli or sourdough toast for brekkie, maybe a chorizo and pepper stew for lunch, and some fab cakes piled up on the counter. If lingering is more your thing, they also have a residency up at the Belgrave Music Hall, where you can lounge around for hours in comfy sofas, drinking the same heavenly brews.

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