Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen

1 Cross Belgrave Street Leeds LS2 8JP

We can't think of a better, cosier, friendlier venue in Leeds than Belgrave Music Hall, an off-the-wall piece of indie heaven with music, food and an amazing roof terrace. What was once a 1930s' recreation hall and nursery school has been refitted as a cool and casual hangout for artists and performers, with a vibe somewhere between student bar and street kitchen. In the main bar space, refectory tables and front-yard sofas sit beneath industrial girders and neon signage, while food is courtesy of pop-up canteen operators – currently in residence are the 'Dough Boys', selling amazing gourmet pizzas by the slice, and coffee experts Layne's Espresso, but you can also expect dirty burgers and steamed pork buns, Sunday brunch (on alternate Sundays) and family friendly street-food weekends. The music roster is hip and happening, from indie gigs to Thursday-to-Saturday nights devoted to leftfield and party classics. And don't miss the roof terrace, it really is a beauty – think urban beach-cum-garden shed.

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