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Chung Ying Garden

17 Thorp Street Birmingham B5 4AT

Famed for their extensive menus (there are 450 dishes), Chung Ying Garden has become a firm favourite for those looking to gorge themselves on a fine Chinese feast. Adventurous gluttons may want to plump for the lobster, crab or eel, all of it fresh from the tank; those wanting something a little less decadent can't go wrong with the dim sum, where again there's no shortage of choice here (in fact the folk at Chung Ying claim to have the largest selection outside of Hong Kong). Additionally, if you want plenty of food with plenty of people, there are the Banquet and Deluxe Banquet menus that cater to parties of 5 or more. There are also private dining areas available for groups who wish to keep their displays of unbridled face-stuffing private. Finally, why not top off the evening with a song in the disco area?

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