The Oasis

110-114 Corporation Street Birmingham B4 6SX

Those not taken with high-end fashion are best advised to steer clear of the Bullring, with its unabashed championing of designer brands. Instead, if your tastes are a little more alternative, head over to the Oasis, where you'll find indie-run stores spread over five levels, each one linked with stairways and connecting corridors, making it a bit of a maze to navigate. But that's part of the fun, and most people are keen to explore all hidden corners for fear of missing out on some heavy-duty footwear, a vintage rock t-shirt or some new jewellery for the nose and/or lips. The Oasis is also home to tattoo artists, body piercers and all manner of distinctive accessories – oh, and you might see the occasional burlesque dancer in the window. Well worth a trip, whether you intend to buy or not.

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