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Everyman Belsize Park

203 Haverstock Hill Belsize Park London NW3 4QG

If only every cinema experience was like this: no queues, plenty of alcohol and more leg room in the seating area than you can shake an organic nacho at – actually an army of leather Lazy Boy sofas which recline to a comfortable level at the touch of a button and come complete with matching pillows. At last you can sit and watch the latest blockbuster (or old classic) without having to readjust every 20 seconds to stop your bum from going numb. The one screen is a little on the small side compared to its corporate rivals, and you'll have to be on the ball if you want to see the film of your choice, as they only have selected showings which alternate daily. But it's well worth the ever-so-slightly dearer ticket prices and undoubtedly makes for an inspired date.

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