Birley Street Blackpool FY1 1EG

If it's the Pet Shop Boys, dancing lights and lasers you've either stumbled into a club by accident (heck, easily done, we've all been there) or are taking an evening stroll down café-lined Birley Street. As if the Illuminations weren't enough, Blackpool now gives you the year-round, open-air light-and-music show that is Brilliance, a party-inducing flashdance down a central pedestrianised street under sparkling steel arches. Themes, lights and sounds change according to the time of year, and summer and weekends are the best times to catch the show, but basically any time Blackpool lets its hair down, there will also be something kicking off at Brilliance at some point during the evening – just grab a chair at a pavement café or give up and join in the dancing.

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