Roberts' Oyster Bar

90 The Promenade Blackpool FY1 1HB

A slice of Blackpool history, Roberts' has been serving seafood to the town since 1876, and the business still just about hangs on in the midst of development all around. It's a bit of a shadow of its once-glorious self – until a decade ago, the Victorian wood-paneled "rooms" behind the bar still offered a seafood meal for the working man, washed down with a pint collected from the Mitre round the corner. These days, just the takeaway counter survives (though the old facade is still there), where you can buy all manner of seaside snacks – oysters on the shell, plus little trays of cockles, mussels, whelks, winkles and prawns. If that doesn't take you back an era or two, nothing will.

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