The Anchor

12 Silver Street Cambridge CB3 9EL

Touristy, but as the only central pub with a to-die-for location on the River Cam, the Anchor is popular with locals, too. In summer ignore the rambling upper levels and head downstairs to a riverside terrace for the best view in town. Overlooking a wide space in the river where punts can be rented, this is the spot where beginners and experts alike grab a pole and head onto the water. From the comfortable and atmospheric setting of The Anchor, you can watch and laugh as the coming and going punts bump and scrape through endless collisions. It's the fun of the waterway below that wafts up into the pub and make it a thoroughly enjoyable place to enjoy a drink or two. The food is good and with great ales on tap this is the spot to go if you don't mind a bit of a crowd in summer.

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