Cambridge Food Tours

Cambridge Cambridgeshire

There's nothing like a friend to help you out when choosing somewhere to eat in a new town. Gerla de Boer is a Cambridge-loving Dutch foodie who likes nothing better than showing people around her adopted home city and eating, so one day she decided to combine the two in Cambridge Food Tours, which basically run walking tours of the city, stopping for drinks, lunch or to sample the wares of enterprising and exciting local suppliers. It's a great way to see the city, and Gerla is not only an amiable host but also a very well informed one, steeped in the food and hospitality industry so she can tell a good restaurant from a bad one, and she knows her fine wine from her plonk. After fifteen years or so in Cambridge she's also pretty sure that along with her enthusiastic foodie mates she's nailed the city's vibrant and ever-changing food and pub scene. Cambridge Food Tours run public tours but will also put together private tours, and they also host cookery courses and masterclasses, team-building days and corporate events.

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