John Muir Way

Helensburgh G84 9YG

Scotland's newest long distance walk is a real monster. Opened in spring 2014, this 134-mile waymarked epic snakes coast to coast taking in a sweep of landscapes and attractions across a swathe of Central Scotland. It is named after the pioneering conservationist John Muir, who is little known in the land of his birth despite being widely hailed in the USA for his role in setting up the country's national parks. The trails runs from his birthplace in Dunbar on the North Sea all the way west to Helensburgh on the Firth of Clyde, where Muir left Scotland for a new life across the Atlantic aged 11. Despite Muir's obvious love of mountains the Way is fairly low lying, making it easily manageable for most reasonably fit walkers. It is designed as much for being broken up into bite size day trip chunks as it is for tackling in one go. Note that it is best tackled heading east as this way you stick with the prevailing winds. Unlike some other walks cyclists are positively encouraged. A handy baggage transfer service is also available from

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