Brewbar Espresso

Leeds Art Gallery The Headrow Leeds LS1 3AA

The house café at the back of the Leeds Art Gallery shop has a stylish retro thing going on, from the vinyl records on the wall to the molded white plastic seating and dangly mobiles. Thankfully the Sixties vibe doesn't extend to watery frothy coffee in pyrex cups. Instead you get a perfect creamy flat white served in a glass tumbler or a cup of single-origin filter coffee, real camomile flower tea in a glass tea brew-pot, and a chiller cabinet full of Med veg sarnies and chicken and chorizo bagels. This almost seems like café overkill, given this is right under the Tiled Hall Café in the gallery itself, but we're not complaining about another excellent reason to drop into the gallery any time for a reviving cuppa.

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