Brewery Wharf

Brewery Wharf, Leeds LS10 1NE

The brewery in question was Leeds’ own Joshua Tetley’s, who brewed their beer in the city from 1822 until closure in 2011 (when owners Carlsberg sacrilegiously shifted brewing of that once fine Yorkshire beer to...Northampton). Some of the brewery buildings still stand – the former HQ, for example is now a stunning contemporary art gallery and bar-restaurant, known as The Tetley – while the neighbouring riverside wharf itself features bars and restaurants clustering at the end of Dock Street, the Royal Armouries just a five-minute walk beyond, and the slender Centenary Bridge leading across the River Aire to The Calls (for more bars and restaurants). You can join the riverside walkway here, and follow the Aire in both directions for a fascinating stroll through Leeds’ post-industrial landscape – former warehouses, decrepit chimney stacks, fancy apartments and cappuccino bars.

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