Scarborough South Bay

South Bay Scarborough

Scarborough actually has two beaches – majestic sweeps of sand known as North and South Bay, split by the castle headland – but it's South Bay that most people mean if they say they're going to the beach. With the Spa at one end and the harbour at the other, and the castle an iconic landmark on the skyline, South Bay is home to all the beach business you'd expect, from amusement arcades and fish-and-chip shops to donkey rides and souvenir stalls. It's also backed by a refined series of restored Victorian and Edwardian terraced gardens, whose benches, arbours, paths and recreation areas offer tantalising views across the wide sands to the North Sea. The other antique survivor is the cliff funicular that clanks up to town from near the end of the amusement arcades, saving you the punishing uphill walk. There's a long promenade running right the way to the Spa and beyond, and more views down the coast towards Filey – when the waves are right, bobbing surfers flock to the waters, while at high tide the spray crashes right onto the high seas walls by the Spa, delighting shrieking children.

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