North Landing Boat Tours

North Landing, North Marine Road, Flamborough, Bridlington, YO15 1BJ

Not your average holiday boat trip, step aboard a traditional Yorkshire fishing 'coble' at North Landing on the Flamborough Headland and be prepared for tales of smuggling and maybe even coming eye-to-eye with a puffin or inquisitive seal. With several generations having been at the helm, the local Emerson fishing family know every cave and corner of this coastline, so who better to help you get up close to the 100ft high chalk cliffs.

Following the day's fishing in summer, during the afternoon you can hop aboard Prosperity as she launches straight off the beach and join just a handful of others for a short steam into the secretive Briel Nook and other nearby bays. Look skywards as seabirds jostle for position on the cliffside ledges, or just beyond the bow, puffins might pop up with beak fulls of fish, before flapping off hurriedly across the surf. The small size of a coble means you can get right inside many of the area's sea caves - home to plenty of smuggling stories - and once you're out there, there's always the chance of spotting a seal, porpoise and in 2015, a (plankton eating) basking shark!

Check out the notice board at the head of the Landing for when the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust experts will be onboard for special 'Living Seas Safaris'.