Footsteps from the Camel Estuary and ideally situated for a trundle along the Camel Trail, Dennis Cove makes it easy to enjoy the gastronomic delights of Padstow without forking out for posh lodgings. Just a a ten-minute amble from one the country’s most notable foodie havens, here you can stay under canvas in a gently sloping meadow and slip out for fish and chips or a culinary extravaganza whenever the mood takes you.  For all its proximity to the preened charm of Padstow, the campsite’s offerings are low-key and peaceful, with birdsong dominating the airwaves and the lush meadows sloping towards a glistening estuary that yawns into the Atlantic.


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This campsite + VW camper + padstow pubs = dream team.

Stayed here last year in a camper we hired from Classic Campervan Hire in Tavistock. Great owners, great site and facilities, and if you're a foodie and real ale in real pubs fan, this place will blow you away.

by troup415

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