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The Best Places to Stay in the UK

Eat and drink

Bristol might not have legions of glamorous restaurants with names worth dropping, but it’s a great place to eat out nonetheless, making up in imagination what it lacks in star quality. There are excellent ethnic restaurants that trade on the city’s overseas connections, a burgeoning number of high-end gastro-pubs that serve seasonal food made with the freshest local produce, and lots of other local eateries that have something more than just food at their heart, whether it’s Olde-English cuisine, Thai kitsch or just straight-up Spanish and Moroccan tapas. Bristol’s dining scene is really all about the quirky and individual; restaurants based in the local community and venues to meet at with friends rather than foodie destinations in their own right. And the city is all the better for it. As for pubs, there is all the variety and authenticity you would expect from this old port, with plenty of places serving the best West Country cider and putting on a regular programme of live music.

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