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The Best Places to Stay in the UK


With a coastline three times that of England's and twice that of France and Spain (and that does not even include the 800 islands), plus almost 300 mountains over 3,000ft spread across some of the most vertiginous landscapes in Europe, Scotland presents a wealth of logistical and geographical challenges. Put simply, the country is best split into four parts: the fertile and relatively flat Central Lowlands, the rolling hills of the border country of Southern Scotland, the Highlands in the north and those islands. The islands can then be divided between the Clyde islands, the Hebrides in the west and then the Northern Isles of Shetland and Orkney. The latter, of course, feature a dizzying array of islands themselves. Mercifully getting around has never been easier with an integrated network of planes, trains, buses, helicopters and ferries.

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