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Croyde & North Devon

The North Devon coast is all about culture-clash. There are cream teas in the timeless villages of Croyde and Georgeham and candy floss galore in the family resort of Woolacombe, but the powerful waves and golden beaches of the area have introduced a modern and high-octane surf dimension too. Croyde is one of England’s surfing capitals, and an adventure playground for walkers, horse-riders and cyclists. What connects those who come is a coastline as sensational as any in Britain.


Until tourism arrived in the mid 1950s, Croyde and Woolacombe ticked over through fishing and farming. Their peace was broken only in 1944, when Woolacombe served as a base for US army boat crews and infantry to practise for D-Day, for Woolacombe Sands was considered a passable imitation of Omaha Beach. Ilfracombe, meanwhile, had roots as an Iron Age fort and thrived as a port in the Bristol Channel from the 13th century. Tourism took off in the early 1800s, when the Victorian penchant for seawater bathing bequeathed the town its current genteel if rather faded looks.

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Croyde & North Devon

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