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Scotland’s history has perhaps never been the subject of more debate than it is today, with a referendum on independence looming. Only in recent decades has Scottish history seriously been studied. Scotland’s story, more than that of most countries, is very much still a work in progress. Even the foundation of Scotland is the subject of fierce controversy, but the most mooted year is 843 when the Picts and Celts either united or the Celts rode roughshod over the Picts, depending on who you listen to. Far more than the Romans – who famously never succeeded in subduing Scotland after over a century of trying – the relationship with England has left the greatest mark. The two countries may still be inexorably linked by 1707’s Act of Union, but the preceding centuries saw constant turmoil with the great Scottish heroes of those years, such as William Wallace and Robert the Bruce, still very much celebrated today. The 19th and 20th centuries brought wealth as a driving force in the British Empire, but economic times have been tougher in recent years, especially as the traditionally strong heavy industries have toiled. The restoration of the first Scottish Parliament in 1999 has not, as Westminster hoped, quelled the desire for independence. Far from it. With a popular nationalist government in a strong position at Holyrood Scottish independence is very much on the current agenda.

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