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The Best Places to Stay in the UK

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Although a day-trip from Penzance can provide a glimpse of this remarkable archipelago, to really explore the Scillies, they deserve a much longer visit. Since the islands are only small and the number of places to stay limited, it is essential to book in advance during summer and the school holidays. That said, the amount of accommodation options on offer is surprising. There are cosy hotels, providing a pocket of luxury in these wild islands, along with a couple of B&Bs and some fantastic self-catering options. Alternatively there are several campsites, each on a different island and all situated in sheltered spots where you can relax by the sea. Since island accommodation has a somewhat captive audience, you should expect the prices to be at the top-end of the scale, but whatever you choose on the Scillies, you're bound to have a fabulous view and direct access to the waterfront.

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