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As the birthplace of none other than William Shakespeare, it's not surprising that Stratford-upon-Avon is in awe of its most famous son, with what often seems like every nook and cranny of town given over to England's greatest poet and playwright. And to be fair, if you have any interest at all in the man (or just the era), it's worth visiting for that reason alone: it's home to his birthplace, his grave, the home of his wife when she was a child, and much more; and there are not many better places to see a performance of one of Shakespeare's plays than the peerless RSC Theatre. Once you've done all that there are a predictable number of theatrically inclined tea rooms and restaurants in town, not to mention a shedload of merchandise bearing Shakespeare's name. But if all this begins to get you down, don't despair: there is more to Stratford than Shakespeare. It's a beautiful riverside town showcasing some of the prettiest Tudor architecture in the country, great for a wander at any time of year. You can take a boat out on the river, picnic in the Bancroft Gardens, cycle along the old converted railway line, shop to your heart's content, or just pull up a chair in one of the town's many excellent pubs or restaurants and just watch the Shakespeare-obsessed world go by.

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Shhh, don't mention the S-word!
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