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Oxford is a city built on academic heritage, so it's unsurprising that a large draw for visitors to the city is the chance to visit many of the University Colleges; buildings that have been housing and teaching students for centuries. For an unbeatable view of the city, head up St. Mary's Tower to look out upon the spires. Appropriately, there is a huge choice of museums, galleries and places of learning to visit. You could spend weeks here and not see everything on offer. Those looking for a cerebral trip should visit Modern Art Oxford for constantly-changing galleries. For more hands-on activities, Science Oxford provides a great day out for families with young children. The Pitt Rivers Museum and Museum of the History of Science both host an enticing glimpse into the past and Oxford's place in the world. A selection of gardens and parks also offer places to relax, such as the Botanic Garden right in the middle of the city. If you’re looking for a true Oxford experience, head out on a tour of the city allowing you to soak up a little of everything. If the weather is behaving, try out punting, either with a guide or under your own direction if you're feeling brave (and energetic).

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