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Best of Wales

Very much part of Britain, yet self-sufficient, exotic and dripping with mystery and legend, Wales is one of the most beautiful playgrounds Britain has to offer.  Catch it on a good day, when the sun is beaming and the clouds are sparse, and you might forget you're in the UK at all; indeed, with its impressive range of stunning beaches, valleys, countryside and cities, it's obvious why us Brits just love holidaying here. It's also pretty handy that Wales is easily accessible by public transport from virtually anywhere in the UK.  But it's the beautiful scenery and the uniquely laid-back culture that really puts Wales on the map. It has a phenomenal 870 miles of coastline, all of which is now walkable on the new Wales Coastal Path, and which is studded with coves and caves, cliff drops and cliff edges, sandy beaches, pebbly beaches, sand dunes and roaring waves, seen most impressively in the Pembrokeshire National Park. Moving inland, there are the iconic South Wales Valleys, Brecon's legendary Beacons (recently voted as one of the best places in the world to view the night sky), and the idyllic upland pastures of the Borders. There's a definite divide between North and South, in terms of population, language and scenery.  Up north, the landscape is rugged and sparsely populated, overlooked by the mighty mountains of Snowdonia and surrounded by towns and villages that are often similar to alpine ski resorts. It is here where you'll find the Welsh language most commonly spoken, the terrain more dramatic and the vibe more foreign and remote.  In contrast, South Wales is a diverse mix of blissful coastal villages, industrialised towns, and large thriving cities like capital Cardiff and its rival Swansea: it's softer and more accessible, yet still rural and scenically spectacular by the standards of much of the UK.

Cymru am byth!

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Best of Wales

Beautiful, laidback, and dripping with mystery and legend – that's Wales
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