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Hebden Bridge

‘The coolest place to live in Britain’, ‘Fourth funkiest town in the world’ and ‘Glastonbury of the North’ – just a handful of epithets used to describe Hebden Bridge. One thing’s for sure; it’s a charming, charismatic place, full of good cafés, independent shops, a vibrant music scene and more art, in all its forms, than you can shake a hand-carved stick at. It’s also very pretty, in a gritty sort of way. Its history lies in the textile industry so think chimneys, monumental architecture and row upon row of ‘double-decker’ mill workers terraces. A river runs through it, burbling under the various bridges, and there’s a thriving canal life – there are cruises to be taken on narrow boats pulled by heavy horses – but a large group of people live permanently on their barges. Hebden’s a great place to linger, walk around and contemplate – around every corner there's another piece of interesting history, another cobbled street, another old mill.  It hunkers in the bottom of a steep-sided wooded valley, the Bronte moors over the hill, and high above the town, there's historic Heptonstall, with its tiny weavers’ cottages, steeped in history and myth, and the final resting place of Sylvia Plath.

A thriving Fairtrade town, Hebden is a magnet for a diverse bunch of folk – artists, media-types and New-agers; the sat-back vibe has also attracted a large gay population.  The weekly market hosts artisan cheese and bread makers, organic veg growers and fresh Fleetwood fish from Paul's van. There are buskers in the town square, an independent cinema, a great little theatre and one of the most popular and respected music venues in the country. All in all it's a great place to hang out and do not very much at all.  

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Hebden Bridge

The cool West Yorkshire mill town that's the 'Glastonbury of the North'
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