Cool Places - The best places to stay in the UK

The Best Places to Stay in the UK


Perhaps the biggest UK accommodation phenomenon of the last decade or so has been the advent of glamping – luxury camping basically, in which you don't have to put up your own tent and you also get to stay in somewhere weird and wonderful like a Mongolian Yurt or Gypsy Caravan. You also get to enjoy the other upsides of proper camping, waking up in beautiful, peaceful locations, enjoying nature and the outdoors, while at the same time getting to sleep in a proper bed and keep warm and toasty with your own wood-burning stove. Glamping isn't an especially cheap option, and some places charge the same as mid-range hotels, plus you don't get the fringe benefits like TV, wifi, and, er, a bathroom. But it can make for a much more memorable trip, and kids naturally tend to love it.

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