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Self-Catering Properties

It's a fact that more people choose self-catering when travelling in Britain than any other kind. It's also true that there are literally tens of thousands of holiday cottages and self-catering properties in the UK to choose from:  fabulous places perched on cliffs, riverside boltholes, cosy thatched cottages with roaring fires: you name it, you can find more for less the perfect property if you're prepared to search hard enough. You can make things easier if you know precisely where you want to go (ie which town or region), but even then the big national agencies will have literally thousands of options,and these will be supplemented by hundreds more from local operators. In short, finding your perfect self-catering property can be a time-consuming and at times baffling experience. 

We felt that finding your perfect holiday cottage should be easier, and a bit more enjoyable, so we've sourced a hand-picked selection of the best cottages to rent around the country. Our selection is made up of the favourite picks of Cool Places' regional writers, together with selections from an assortment of regional specialists, each of which we consider to be the very best in their field. Take a look and see what you can find – and when you've been, come back and tell us all about your trip!

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Self-Catering Properties

The best self-catering cottages in the UK
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