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The Best Places to Stay in the UK

Kensington & Chelsea

The so-called "Royal Borough" of Kensington and Chelsea more than lives up to its stately name, with a genteel air and some of London's most elegant streetscapes, garden squares flanked by gloss-black iron railings and cookie-cutter rows of brilliant white townhouses. It's rich, but in fact it's far from dull, and indeed this part of West London throbs with an energy that is all its own. Kensington plays host to some of the UK's most venerable museums and one of its most glorious parks in Kensington Gardens – home to the recently revamped Kensington Palace), while Chelsea is packed with uber-slick restaurants and bars. Both neighbourhoods can also boast some of London's very best shopping, with King's Road very much the star attraction.

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Kensington & Chelsea

The so-called "royal borough" more than lives up to its stately name.
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