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Camden Town

A wacky and wise musician by the name of Suggs once famously sang, ''In Camden Town you can do anything you want to", and it remains the unspoken Camden motto to this day. As Suggs rightfully pointed out, "there's tapas, fracas, alcohol, tobaccos, Bongs, bongo bingo, Portuguese maracas, there's reggae in the jeggae, music everywhere, every kind of song and dance, madness in the air". Camden is weird, crazy, slightly offensive, sort of hilarious, ridiculous, outrageous and well...all of the above. There's a freakish assortment of people, from punks to hippies, suits and skaterdudes, and they're all here to shop, eat, drink, be creative, be loud, be sociable and above all to be themselves, giving Camden the edge over other trendy London neighbourhoods that it's become famous for – not to mention the breeding-ground for any number of successful bands since the 1970s. It's a feast for the imaginative soul, with some of the capital's slickest and most outrageous bars, vintage rockabilly pubs and a few great restaurants. It's also teaming with bustling indy shops and of course the various markets that started it all, best known of which is Camden Lock. And where else in London will you find a three foot tall Doc Marten suspended in mid-air?

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Camden Town

It's weird, loud and mad as can be – in this part of London, anything goes.
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