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The Best Places to Stay in the UK


At the heart of central London, Soho is probably the capital’s buzziest neighbourhood – and one that has managed to keep an appealing bohemian edge despite rampant gentrification and regular clean-up initiatives. Long the boozy haunt of intellectuals, writers and artists, media types and musos, Soho can be sleazy, but it’s an old-fashioned kind of sleaze, the saucy strip clubs and ‘naked models’ signs evoking another era. Its lively restaurants and bars, meanwhile, along with its huge gay scene and crop of cinemas around Leicester Square, are all firmly rooted in the present. It’s got something for most people, as well as many quirky surprises for those who know where to look, and it’s endlessly diverse, from the dim sum joints of Chinatown to the secondhand bookstores lining Charing Cross Road.

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Soho has a boozy, bohemian vibe
that’s hard to resist.
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