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Obscured by legend, mysticism – and, frequently, coach parties – no prehistoric site in Britain is as well-known or controversial for that matter, as this prehistoric stone circle. Most academics agree it was created circa 3000–1600BC and is aligned with the sunrise and sunset of the solstice. But the purpose of its massive Welsh bluestones remains a mystery: a temple for sun worship, perhaps, or a healing centre, a burial site or a huge calendar? As hotly debated as this, is the issue of access. It’s a shame that visitors can’t now get up close to the stones; a pity too that the main road thunders past so close. But a visit remains essential – try to make yours either early or late in the day if possible.

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If you're visiting Britain for the first time, this is the most impressive reminder of the bronze-age past in the country. Definitely worth visiting, though try to choose a quiet time early morning so that you can enjoy walking around the stones, and ignore if you can the roads thundering past on either side. Thankfully there are now plans to remove the A344, the closest road to the site, and reinstate the old approach to it from the north-east, so it should be even more impressive when that work is complete.

Stonehenge reviewed by on July 24th, 2012

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If you have only seen Stonehenge in pictures in awe, you will be left breathless when you this amazing structure in real life 3D. The size of the monument is simply outstanding considering it's age. I don't think we could recreate the this structure on the same scale without using technology! The only downside is you cannot interact with the structure to truly feel the awesomeness of this place. There is now questioning its long standing listing as a wonder of the world, a must see for all ages!

Stonehenge reviewed by on April 16th, 2012

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Adults £6.90, children £3.50


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June–Aug daily 9am–7pm, mid March–May & Sept–mid Oct daily 9.30am–6pm, mid Oct–mid March daily 9.30am–4pm

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