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Places to Eat and Drink

Has there ever been a better time to eat out in the history of the UK? We’ve always loved to eat out in Britain, but it’s within living memory that the food we ate in Britain was – outside London at least – either microwaved junk eaten the faster the better or upscale pseudo-French offerings consumed in awe and silence. Also everywhere shut at 11pm. And if you had kids, well, you may as well forget it.

But eating out in the UK changed utterly in the past 2–3 decades. Not only is the quality of food immeasurably better across the board, but we’ve lost our sense of embarassment at our own cuisine; chefs are just as likely to cook British dishes using local ingredients as fuss about with fancy French food. And – whisper it – you can take your kids along with you and no one seems to mind. Perhaps the most staggering thing is the variety on offer in our new food-obsessed nation – not only in what to eat but also where to eat it. Unlike the old days you can find good everywhere – from humble delis  and cool gastropubs to fancy cafés and high-end restaurants, the emphasis is on good cooking, with seasonal, locally sourced ingredients, served with contemporary style. And not a black forest gateau in sight!

We’ve spent time tracking down some of the country’s best places to eat and drink (well, someone had to do it), and our selection encompasses everything from the humblest backstreet boozer to the coolest metropolitan restaurant. The cost really has nothing to do with it. If we think it’s ‘cool’ – by which we mean great value, special, the kind of place you’d tell your friends about – we’d encourage you to go there. But  we can’t do this without you – let us know your favourite places to eat, drink and hang out, and we’ll add them to Britain’s ‘coolest places’.

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