Britain's Best Veggie Restaurants

Gone are the days of bland stuffed peppers and afterthought veggie options in our restaurants. Since the birth of our culinary revolution on locally sourced, fresh seasonal ingredients, Britain's vegetarian scene is more happening than ever.   So here's a few of our favourite non-meaty places to eat in the UK. 


We love this long-standing veggie standby in a lovely Georgian townhouse in Bath. Very much a place to convert your carnivore friends. 

David Bann

As sleek, contemporary and far away from the open-toe sandal image of veggie food as you can get. Classy food and presentation, and not a lentil in sight.


Part of the Zeffirelli cinema and restairant empire in Ambleside, this Lake District favourite serves ut-of-the-ordinary vegetarian fare in a posh gourmet environment. 

Food for Thought

There's something reassuring about Food for Thought, which has been serving great veggie grub in London's Covent Garden for around 40 years and is still here, fighting a rearguard action against the ever-increasing numbers of chain stores and restaurants

Terre a Terre

The glittering champion of Brighton's vegetarian movement – indeed this long-established favourite sets the standard for high-end veggie dining all over the country.

Vinehouse Café

As green a café as you could find, serving an almost entirely vegetarian menu on which pretty much everything has been sourced form the beautiful garden you gaze out at while you eat.


A very Totnes-sort of place, this Devon café serves some of the best veggie food in the country in our view, with lots of inventive dishes and live music at the weekends.