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Dove Cottage

Town End Grasmere LA22 9SH 01539 435 544

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William Wordsworth’s home from 1799 until 1808 is one of the biggest honeypot draws in the Lakes, and an essential stop for anyone interested in the poet and his early life in Grasmere. Guides walk you through the picture-postcard cottage where Wordsworth composed some of his finest poetry, and then you’re free to visit the excellent museum – full of original manscripts and memorabilia – and the garden, which William and his wife Mary lovingly tended. After the Wordsworths left, the next tenant was ‘Opium-Eater’ Thomas De Quincey, and Dove Cottage and its museum is just as much a memorial to him and the wider circle of the so-called Lake Poets.

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Dove Cottage ★★★★★

This place gives you a wonderful sense of the living conditions of the time for a relatively well off family (compared to the others of the village) and of the lives of the Wordsworth family before they moved to grander accommodation. This was the first house in the village to have stone floors, and yet to modern eyes still feels pretty primitive. The museum is quite interesting and has a few artefacts telling the story of the Wordsworths and their circle, but the claustrophobic little house is far more evocative with its dark lower rooms and bright but compact upper rooms furnished with a few objects from their daily life - we loved the secure tea-chest used for keeping the family's tea - the tea was secured against the servants with a padlock because the stuff was so valuable! Make sure you go on a guided tour to learn more about their life, habitual drug taking by all the family, and the profound influence of his sister and her journals on his poetry. When you're finished go and visit the lovely little cafe at the Jumble Room for some great food.

Dove Cottage reviewed by on July 16th, 2014

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Adults £7.50, children £4.50, family ticket £17.20.


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Daily 9.30am–5.30pm; closed early Jan to early Feb.

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