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The Best Places to Stay in the UK


Rugged, intense and eye-catching, Edinburgh is one of Europe's most striking capital cities. Gathered around its craggy central castle, the medieval core is a breathtaking warren of cobbled streets, towering spires, turbulent history and one or two striking modern buildings. Only barely less central are museums and galleries of international importance, wild grassy moorland, dramatic viewpoints, huge Grecian edifices and effortlessly elegant Georgian streets. It’s a handsome, memorable city, despite being home to less than half-a-million people, with a cultured, contemporary vibe that peaks during August's annual Festival. Since the Scottish Parliament returned to Edinburgh in 1999 the city has also boasted a renewed sense of confidence that is palpable in the city's increasingly cosmopolitan streets, which finally have trams running on them again in 2014.

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Surely the most handsome city in the Union, there's no better city break experience in the UK.
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