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The Best Places to Stay in the UK

Eat and drink

First the good news – there are tons of great country pubs, rural tea rooms, farm shops and village cafés right across the Dales. And now the even better news – you don't have to go very far either to find a chic hotel with a decent restaurant, or a classy deli or a modern bistro. In short, be prepared to be pleasantly surprised when it comes to eating out in the Yorkshire Dales. There's a real emphasis on local sourcing and seasonality, even in the most out-of-the-way of places, and local producers are passionate about their foodstuffs – whether it's the famous cheeses of Wensleydale, lamb from the local hills, or more esoteric offerings, like Yorkshire chorizo, which you'll find on many a menu. True, there isn't a great choice of establishments in most places – these are small villages, where often it's only the local pub or hotel that serves food. But when your local pub is the Angel at Hetton, for example, or the hotel in question is the Michelin-starred Devonshire Arms, well, you haven't really got much to complain about. For places where you can walk down a street and consider dinner options, there is really only Skipton and Richmond – by far the major towns hereabouts – though if you're really set on a cosmopolitan night out, best drive the 22 miles, 35 minutes east of Skipton to Harrogate.

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