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With a decent – and growing – collection of museums and galleries, and several festivals bringing every conceivable art form to the heart of the country, Brum is suitably brimming with culture; indeed its currently exponential revitalisation means that the UK's second city seems to be forever converting old warehouses and factories into new and exciting art spaces. The city is also – perhaps partly in reaction to the vast 1960s mistake that was central Birmingham – keen to preserve and promote its past, with museums like the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter – essentially an old workshop that recalls with warm nostalgia Brum's metal-working heritage. Plus of course there's Cadbury's, which since it fell into foreign ownership feels more precious than ever at its historic home in Bournville. And it's not just about the city; there are pockets of countryside around Birmingham that are easy to reach and can often provide welcome respite if the buzz of this thriving city gets too much.

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