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Bath has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a quarter of a century – and with good reason. Bathed in the distinctive golden hue of Bath Stone, the city boasts some of the finest classical architecture in Europe. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely amble round the city’s famous circuitous Circus, en route to the immaculately preserved steaming pools of the city’s eponymous Roman treasure. Weary visitors seeking solace from the teeming crowds of Bath’s numerous museums (specialising in everything from America, to astronomy, to fashion) can find refuge in peaceful Bath Abbey. The free-to-enter Victoria Art Gallery, just across the historic Pulteney Bidge, houses an impressive collection of Gainsborough’s and Sickerts. There are also five theatres in the city, the grandest of which, The Theatre Royal, hosts everything from Shakespeare to puppetry. Somerset is also, of course, Jane Austen country and the author’s association with the city run deep, with lots on arguably our greatest female author at the Jane Austen Centre on Gay Street. Otherwise, just loaf about: a simple stroll of the city’s quaint cobbled passageways reveals all sorts of beguiling gems.

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