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Notting Hill

A stroll down Portobello Road is a dizzying fall through the many strata of Notting Hill and London life - the road starts off in the tourist trap of Notting Hill Gate, down through the chic area of Westbourne Grove, on to Portobello Road with the famous antiques market, down through Ladbroke Grove and up through more recent housing estates up to Golborne Road, with its mix of quirky shops, rundown cafés and restaurants. Along the way you'll see most cuisines of the world represented, from the Portuguese cafés on Golborne Road, modern British cuisine off at Hereford Rd, Spanish supermarket Garcia, Italian inspired delis, Carribbean food at the Tabernacle, and Malaysian curry house right under the road bridge. Like London, Notting Hill has become a true melting pot of cultures over the last few decades, with Carribbeans joined by people from all over the world, and this is reflected in the restaurants and shops you can see all over the area.

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Notting Hill

Notting Hill remains a vibrant area, with the full depth of London culture on display
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