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It pays to be choosy when it comes to finding places to stay in Blackpool because firstly, there are an awful lot of rooms, and secondly, not all have fully embraced the 21st century. This, after all, is a town where accommodation establishments still routinely advertise "en-suite rooms, central heating, tea-making facilities", as if these things were unimaginable, sybaritic luxuries – which, to be fair, they were in the 1960s, from which era modern Blackpool is doing its best to emerge. Look carefully though amid the serried ranks of terraced guesthouses and old-fashioned B&Bs in Blackpool and you will find some lovely boutique experiences, alongside a few high-end Blackpool hotels with lower-than expected prices. Not all the B&Bs are stuck in a timewarp either, with many local owners realising that there's a market out there beyond the bargain-hunters and stags and hens. There's also a big gay scene in Blackpool, with a fair few dedicated gay- and lesbian-run or gay- and lesbian-friendly establishments where you'll be welcomed with open arms. Prices are uniformly low – or let's say good value – with B&B starting at £15 per person per night, though probably not in anywhere you'd want to stay for any length of time. Central areas are predictably noisy, and if you stay anywhere that welcomes stag and hen parties, you can't say you weren't warned. For more peace and quiet – an unusual request in Blackpool, it has to be said – consider staying in North or South shores and heading up to the sights, restaurants and bars by bus or tram.

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