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The Best Places to Stay in the UK

Eat and drink

Kent really is a fantastic county for foodies – historically, the climate and soil that have won it the endlessly repeated 'Garden of England' nickname have created the perfect conditions to grow delicious fresh veg and soft fruit. Orchards and vineyards abound, while fresh fish and shellfish, along with tasty sea vegetables, are superb along the coast. Everyone’s very clued up about local produce and provenance, with farmers’ markets and farm shops around every corner and some of the most highly regarded restaurants in England – including the Sportsman, near Whitstable, the Ambrette in Margate, and Apicius in Cranbrook – bringing in diners from all over the country. Even the simplest, least expensive places will feature good fresh local produce, making this one of the most gratifying places in the country for anyone keen to cut down their carbon footprint.

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