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The Best Places to Stay in the UK

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The Isle of Wight is host to a wide range of attractions, catering to a huge amount of desires. There's the chance to visit the famous Yarmouth Castle, Henry VIII's main defense against France, or if that's too recent the Brading Roman Villa gives an insight into life on the island nearly 2000 years ago. For dinosaur buffs young and old, there are numerous ways to find out more about the rich amounts of fossils that have been unearthed on the island over the years.

For walkers there's plenty of scenic parks to visit, and even more rural walks along the coast. For more extreme activities, try Butterfly Paragliding or get involved in the one of the UK's largest sailing scenes, though watch out for Cowes in race season. 

For kids there are plenty of places to go, such as the theme park Blackgang Chine, and the island's very own zoo. Or of course simply find one of the many beaches available and relax in the sand.

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