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The Best Places to Stay in the UK

Rooms with a sea view

Does anything cheer you up more than waking up, throwing back the curtains and gazing out on a spectacular sea view? Check out our guide to rooms with a sea view, which brings together some of the best places in the UK to go to sleep within eye- and earshot of the ocean. We've got beachside hotels, sea view B&Bs and even some fantastic hostels, which all share one key ingredient – rooms with that all-important view of the coast. Who knows, this could be just the break you need to help you decide to chuck in the day job and move to the coast, where every day is a sea-view day.

Rooms with a sea view large

Rooms with a sea view

Want to see the sea from your room? You can, from all these great UK hotels, B&Bs and hostels
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