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Dog Friendly Hotels UK

Thank goodness for dog-friendly hotels, because every dog owner knows the guilt of leaving your dog at home for a few hours, let alone a week. After all, they just want to be part of the action, and dogs love a beach or forest to roam in as much as we do (if not more!). Yes, we're a self-confessed nation of dog lovers, and as such, hotels are becoming more dog-friendly by the day. And they don't just stop at dog-friendly rooms. Some even go as far as providing special doggy beds, snacks, even special doggy rooms. Hell, some even have doggy room service menus for their most pampered canine guests. So at last you don't have to leave the dog behind, because our dog-friendly hotels collection has plenty of choice to suit both you and your faithful friend. 

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Dog friendly hotels UK

The best dog-friendly hotels across the UK
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